What is swigs?

‘swigs’ stands for Singapore Wigs, and WIG stands for Writing Interest Group.

‘swigs’ also means to drink in large gulps and we aim to do things enthusiastically in large ‘gulps’.

This is an amateur writers group, a little community in the east of Singapore. We meet at least once a month and share our work, discuss and critique each other, along with a generous helping of friendly chit-chat.

Our salon is at Pasir Ris East Community Club.

If you want to join, email Simin at waltzofthelemmas@gmail.com.


2 thoughts on “What is swigs?

  1. Oh wow, I found the blog! Sometime last week, the poster above popped up on the notice board at my block’s void deck, and it really piqued my interest. It’s strange actually, because I’ve never even noticed that board of CC notices before. I think it’s wonderful that stuff like this is happening, or can happen, and through channels I didn’t think would’ve been utilised (although that probably says more about me than the conditions that surround me). I’m not much of a writer of fiction though, so may not join in on this; I just thought it’d be good to leave a note and just say hello, and hopefully give some encouragement to others who may be trying to find a place for their creativity, craft or voice.

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