The Train of Thought

I’ll start with the sharing. Here’s a poem I came up with last night just after I went to bed (I tend to do that – get inspiration just when I’m about to sleep). So here goes:

Welcome aboard the Train of Thought!

We cover the Overlaps of

Imagination and Speculation!

We rattle on elevated tracks

via the Villages of Logic,

and echo through the underground tunnels

of Sordid City!

See the glorious views of

The Plains, Valleys, and Mountains of Emotion!

Our cabins are varied and guaranteed to be

A Unique eXperience!

We have comfy, familiar cars,

or you may prefer the newer,

more refreshing ones,

we have sleeper bunks

for Dreaming,

and impersonal plastic

mass rapid transit for a

Loneliness in a Crowd Cliché Adventure.

Come one, come all!

We may not guarantee a definite

Point for Alighting,

and we may switch tracks a lot,

but we do promise

a splendid way to spend your time,

Caveats included!

[Disclaimer: as our trains run on

Subconscious Will n’ Mind™,

side effects may include

Enlightenment, Inspiration,

Brain explosions/melting.]

A/N: An author’s note here, I see a brightly coloured train in the style of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory in my mind.