Short fiction new media style

This competition is over, but it’s a pretty cool idea for short fiction. Twitter style – Tweetfiction. If any of you use Twitter and you come across entries for this competition, please share here, or if you would like to create your own, also feel free. 🙂

Here’s a couple that I could find and do like:

@famishus: The gene therapy to correct irrationality was successful. The collapse of the stand-up comedy industry was an unintended side-effect.  #TBSFA

@famishus: In desperation, I pulled out my Verified Original card. The clones backed off in anger and/or awe. If they found it was a fake… #TBSFA


Local women writers in SFF

Here’s an interesting article on published local women writers. They write steampunk! I am quite excited. This post was written by Joyce Chng – “A Voice in the Dark?” Please do check it out, support local writers, because after all, we’re local writers too (or at least we would like to be right?), and we do want people to support us.

Upcoming competitions and events nationwide

Hello ladles and jellyspoons!

There’s a whole slew of rather exciting activities for writers all over the country:

Singapore Literature Prize, submission date is 7th May, 1700.

Our Lost Poems competition, submission date is 30th April.

Masterclasses regarding Children’s Literature, on 30th May for the Asian Festival of Children’s Content.

(And a great deal more workshops etc. from the National Book Development Council of Singapore.)

Publishing and Translation Grant from NAC, submission date is 15th May, 15th Sep, 15th Jan 2013.

EDIT: (19th April) I found more calls for submission. Oh, and for these, you actually get paid some. ^^

Winter Well: Speculative Novellas of Older Women – submission is 30th Sep.

MENIAL: Skilled Labor in SF (Anthology) – submission is 31st May.

Political or Real???

I admit I have never been a fan of Chinese politics. In fact I always view the Chinese politicians as being conservative and secretive as compared to their American counterparts. However the recent Bo Xilai’s case changed my view of the party completely. The salacious details of the case reported: a murdered old Briton businessman in a hotel room in China; clues of a scandal; allegations of  corruption charges; son who went to a College in Oxford and indulged in parties and fast cars make me wonder if the Chinese Communist Party is getting westernised or they are just too eager to get rid of their famous comrade who provides a stiff competition to their tipped successor, Xu Jiping, as the chief of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Bo’s case was pretty sensitive and in fact many Chinese academics compared his case to that of Zhao Ziyang. Zhao Ziyang was the previous chief of CCP, but was discharged of duty because of his strong opposition towards using brutal army crackdown on student-led demonstrations for democracy centered on Tiananmen Square in Beijing 1989. Bo Xilai case was a bit similar. During his term as the party chief of Chong Qing, he imposed strict laws and provide community service to the poor which make Chong Qing among the top safest and fastest economy growing city in China. This led him to gain great fame from the people which may have spooked the party because they marked a break with the model of faceless, collective leadership that the CCP leaders do not tolerate. In fact even though the state media or rather the party has portrayed him as a dictator in the making, many people from the Chong Qing city still loved him and a riot was even sparked in the city because of his arrest.

However whether it is political or real, no one will know for sure unless things become ugly. What do you think?


Next meeting

Dear all, our next meeting will be on 19th May 2012, Sat, 1400-1600 at Caspian Room, Pasir Ris East CC. Please RSVP to me at Also, if you’ve just stumbled across our group, I do welcome you to join us! This will only be our second meeting, so newcomers won’t be floundering.

See you there!

Local Writer Spotlight

Joyce Chng is a local writer, she has published an online book called A Wolf’s Tale. Lovely lady, I met her at last year’s Spore Con at Pasir Ris East CC – we had a panel discussion on genre publishing in Singapore. Check out her blog, a couple entries back, there’s a call for submission to a local anthology you may be interested in. Or if you’re just interested in the anthology, it’s call The Ayam Curtain.

The Train of Thought

I’ll start with the sharing. Here’s a poem I came up with last night just after I went to bed (I tend to do that – get inspiration just when I’m about to sleep). So here goes:

Welcome aboard the Train of Thought!

We cover the Overlaps of

Imagination and Speculation!

We rattle on elevated tracks

via the Villages of Logic,

and echo through the underground tunnels

of Sordid City!

See the glorious views of

The Plains, Valleys, and Mountains of Emotion!

Our cabins are varied and guaranteed to be

A Unique eXperience!

We have comfy, familiar cars,

or you may prefer the newer,

more refreshing ones,

we have sleeper bunks

for Dreaming,

and impersonal plastic

mass rapid transit for a

Loneliness in a Crowd Cliché Adventure.

Come one, come all!

We may not guarantee a definite

Point for Alighting,

and we may switch tracks a lot,

but we do promise

a splendid way to spend your time,

Caveats included!

[Disclaimer: as our trains run on

Subconscious Will n’ Mind™,

side effects may include

Enlightenment, Inspiration,

Brain explosions/melting.]

A/N: An author’s note here, I see a brightly coloured train in the style of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory in my mind.